About Us

ITINY is a platform that is dedicated to the needs you have related to the URL display. From allowing you to reduce a social media link, to coming up with a precise and appropriate description, ITINY does it all for you. The perfect URL’s created by our tools can be shared on websites including social media platforms like- Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linked In. In fact, once the URL is shortened, you can even monitor how many clicks it has received.

The unique method that this platform follows doesn’t just shrink the URL, but allows you to generate the perfect URL which helps you in Search Engine Optimization. Side by side, it assists you to improve the strength and authority of your website and also helps you maintain it. The customized links that are made by compressing the URL even allows you the feature to track the sharing activities.

It includes the pattern and behaviour of your social media post over a specific period of time. Not just this, ITINY’s platform takes care of the algorithms used by search engines and which plays a vital role in the presence and reach of your website on Google. It helps you to portray your website as a source of precise and appropriate information.

With ITINY’s platform, the task to incorporate branded links into existing processes is made easier for you. The workflow and tools we provide will help you come up with your URL requirements with ease and helps you to make the most out of your website.